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MuleSoft Training:- introduces MuleSoft Online Training by its professional trainers equipping you with all the expertise to connect various applications and create universal connectivity. Mule, a prominent section at MuleSoft, is an event-based architecture where the actions within the Mule network are generated either through the operations taking place in Mule or through external systems. Each event has some data that is known as payload. This payload is used by a set of properties linked with the processing of an event. These properties are subjective in nature and can be changed anytime in the development of a new event. The data is accessible in both its original state as well as its modified state. The modified state is connected to the endpoint that receives the event to alter its payload in a format that a receiving component may easily recognise.


With an aim to connect the entire world’s applications, devices and data and MuleSoft solely permits connecting anything easily with the Anypoint Platform. The Anypoint platform is the only integration platform today for SOA, APIs and SaaS. Over 500 enterprises in 54 countries use MuleSoft in their organisations with the view to transforming faster and gain competitive leads.

It has a lot of tools and services such as Mule ESB, API Designer, API Analytics, API Portal, Any Point Studio, Mule Enterprise Management and Cloud HUB.


Mulesoft Online Training Content :-

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Who can learn this course

Students and professionals who intend to amplify their career in software along with interest in analytics can take up this course. This audience is expected to have a good knowledge of JAVA, servers such as TOMCAT and an in-depth understanding of data basis such as ORACLE. The learners may be developers, system admins, administrators, programmers or even fresh graduates who acquaint with the aforementioned knowledge.

What should the learner know before taking this up

There are no compulsory courses one has to undergo. However, the learner is expected to have a basic knowledge of CSV, XML, JSON, conventional integration technologies like JMS, HTTP, JDBC, REST, SOAP, etc. A prior knowledge of the programming language, JAVA, will also add benefit to the learners.

Why Study at

The MuleSoft online training, conducted by certified working professionals, offers 100% quality assurance. The trainers are well experienced and will not only equip you with the knowledge of MuleSoft but also enhance your practical application with real-time projects to kick-start your career with Mule ESB. The course is not limited merely to online sessions but also provides job assistance on successful completion. Our experts are available 24/7 to support you and guide you to the fullest.

Live Classes at has developed and designed MuleSoft Online Training in a way that is helpful for both freshers as well as professionals. The live sessions are supported with training material letting the learners understand the course at their own pace. The learners are provided with the recorded sessions to go through them again and get their missed concepts cleared. Thus, the trainings are made more accessible to professionals and as well as fresh learners who intend to become advanced MuleSoft users.


There are three states of excellence with the MuleSoft Training, i.e., Associate being the primary level, Specialist at the moderate level and Professional being the advanced certification at MuleSoft. Become a Mule Certified Developer today!

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