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Sap Bpc Online Training:-

VM OnlineTraining is the best Sap Bpc Training institute for all IT Courses. We are providing the best quality standard Sap Bpc Online Training to the candidates. We offered a very trustworthy Sap Bpc training online  course.

It was designed by the most highly skilled and real time professionals with their updated contents. Our students who were completed Sap Bpc Training in our institute was happy. We provide Sap Bpc Sessions at your flexible timings.

Sap Bpc Training Content:-


Module 1: BO PC Overview

 BO PC Roadmap
 Overview of BO PC
 BO PC for Admin
 BO PC for Excel
 BO PC for Word & PowerPoint

Module 2: BO PC for Admin

 Dimension & Its Property
 Model and Environment
 Working with Environment
 Working with Dimensions
 Working with Models
 Concept of Concurrency Locking

Module 3: Security & Data Management

 Security
 Introduction to EPM Add-In
 Data Management
 Steps to Load Transaction Data
 Data Manager Options
 MVAL Feature to load multiple key figure data
 Input Schedule

Module 4: EPM Reporting

 Web Library for Reporting & Input Schedule
 Introduction to EPM Excel Add-in
 Log On & Connections
 Main Interface Areas
 Open & Save File
 Report Layout Rules
 Report & Input Form Creation
 Dynamic Formatting
 EPM Options

Module 5: Working with Script Logic

 Logic basics
 Script logic – Scoping
 Script logic - Record manipulation
 Script logic - Filters, loops, and variables
 Script logic - Writing to the database
 Script logic - Cross application logic
 Script logic - Processing control
 Script logic - Special keywordsv  Business add-ins (BADI)
 Business calculations

Module 6: Business Process Flow

 What is BPF
 Create BPF Template and Instance
 Executing actions from BPF
 Auditing BPF

Module 7: Miscellaneous Topics

 Master Data Validations
 Concept of Drill Through
 Audit
 Work Status

Module 8:
 Planning Scenarios& Case study


Module 1: Consolidation Concepts

 Create the Models needed for setting up a consolidation system
 Understand the dimensions and properties used in consolidation applications
 Understand the Consolidation model parameters and how to set them
 Load data into the consolidation application

Module 2: Balance Carry Forward

 Describe balance carry forward process
 Configure balance carry forward settings in BPC
 Demonstrate balance carry forward process

Module 3: Reclassification

 Understand the fields in the account-based calculation rule table
 Create rules in the account-based calculation table for reclassifications
 Create script logic for account-based calculation

Module 4: Currency Translation

 Describe the process of currency translation
 Understand the importance of RATE application and how exchange rates are maintained
 Understand the dimensions and properties relevant for currency translation
 Create business rules relevant for currency translation
 Understand and create translation package for carrying out currency translation

Module 5: Journals

 Create a journal template & Journal Entry
 Understand Journal Flow & Journal Options
 Manage various journal tasks (Creating/Posting/Reopen/Unpost/Locate using Query

Module 6: Consolidation of Investments and Ownership Manager

 Know the Purpose of consolidation of investments
 Explain the Key concepts of consolidation of investments
 Understand Ownership Manager : Introduction
 Setup Ownership Data
 Perform Ownership Calculations
 Configure and Execute different Consolidation Methods
 Purchase Method
 Equity Method
 Proportional Method Understand security settings & detail tables with respect to Journals

Module 7: Intercompany Eliminations

 Understand the Basics of Inter Company Eliminations
 Understand the Intercompany (IC) Matching Process
 Configure IC Matching in BPC
 Demonstrate IC matching process

Module 8: Data Controls

 Enable Controls for a Model
 Create Controls at Dimension/Member Level
 Create & Assign Controls Sets
 Understand Control Monitor Features
 Execute Controls & Analyze Results
 Control Set Status

Module 9: Miscellaneous Topics (IU Elim, US Elim& Equity Pick up)

 Basics of Intercompany Eliminations
 InterUnit Eliminations
 Configuration of InterUnit Eliminations
 US Eliminations
 Configuration of US Eliminations
 Equity Pick Up (New in BPC 10)

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