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Emc San Online Training:-

VM OnlineTraining is the best San Emc Training institute for all IT Courses. We are providing the best quality standard San Emc Online Training to the candidates. We offered a very trustworthy Emc Storage Online Training course on storage box.
It was designed by the most highly skilled and real time professionals with their updated contents. Our students who were completed San Emc Training in our institute was happy. We provide San Emc Sessions at your flexible timings.

San Emc Training Content:-

Storage fundamentals

 Introduction to information storage
 Data center environment
 Intelligent Storage Systems & components of storage system
 Raid concepts
 Storage Protocols and Topologies
 Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
 Network Attached Storage (NAS)
 Storage Area Network (SAN)
 Difference between SAN & NAS
 FC SAN & IP SAN Technologies
 Introduction to Fiber Chanel and how it works in SAN
 FC layers & Fabric Port Types
 Fiber Connectors, Cables & FC Well-Known Adresses.
 FC Topologies & Terminology
 Architecture of a storage subsystem
 Storage management softwares
 Multipathing softwares
 Storage virtualization
 Storage tiering
 Introduction to business continuity mangement.
 Backup and archive
 Local replication and remote replication
 Cloud computing
 Securing and managing storage infrastructure

Brocade & CISCO switch management

 Introdcution to brocade and CISCO switches and various models
 Installation of new switches
 Switch firmware upgrade
 User account management
 Fabric-wide settings & local switch settings.
 Zoning & types of Zoning (Port Zoning and WWN Zoning)
 Creating device alias.
 Device and fabric manger mangement
 Generating reports
 Monitoring switch logs
 Inter Switch Linking (ISL) and Trunking


 Introduction to emc clariion cx series architecture
 Clariion features
 Clariion management utilities (NAVISPHERE MANAGER, NAVICLI)
 Clariion storage provisioning
 Traditional (Raid Groups) and thin (Thin Pools) provisioning
 Solaris and windows integration
 Access logix
 Powerpath
 Snapview snapshots
 Snapview clones
 Mirrorview configuration & management
 Sancopy configuration & management.
 Advanced lun managaement
 Lun migration
 Data migration
 Event monitor
 Navisphere analyzer


 Introduction to Unified Storage & VNX.
 VNX management utilities (Unisphere & Cli Environment)
 Basic atchitecture of VNX and VNXE series
 VNX models and features
 VNX basic components
 VNX modular architecture
 Dae and drive options for VNX series
 VNX features
 VNX software and their components
 VNX storage provisioning
 Thin provisioning in VNX

EMC Symmetrix (DMX and VMAX)

 Introduction to symmetrix DMX and VMAX series
 Dmx and vmax storage architecture
 Differences between DMX and VMAX storage systems
 Dmx director pairing and rule 17
 FA, DA & cache concepts
 Symmetrix mirror positions
 Symmetrix device attributes
 Dynamic lun addressing
 Symmetrix management software
Symmetrix Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI)
Symmetrix Management Console (SMC)
Emc Control Center (ECC)
 Confiuration manager
 Symmetrix storage provisioning
Symmetrix device creation/deletion
Forming & dessolving meta devices
Mapping & unmapping
Masking & unmasking
 Symmetrix thin provisioning
 Monitoring thin pools
 VMAX auto provisioning groups
 VMAX fully automated storage tiering (Fast & Fast VP)
 Virtual Lun Migration
 Timefinder configuration and management
 SRDF overview and concepts
 SRDF configuration and mangement
 SRDF synchronous operations
 R1/R2 device pairs creations using configuration manager
 Dynamic SRDF pairing

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