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Informatica Online Training:-

VM OnlineTraining is the best Informatica Training institute in India. We are providing the best quality standard Informatica Online Training to the candidates. We offered a very trustworthy Informatica Online Training course.
It was designed by the most highly skilled and real time professionals with their updated contents. Our students who were completed Informatica Training in our institute was happy. We provide Informatica Sessions at your flexible timings.

Informatica Training Content:-

Informatica Overview

 History of Informatica
 Opportunities of Informatica
 Other ETL tools
 Power center Administration
 Informatica Power center architecture
 Power center components
 ETL Plan
 Power center Clients
 Designer
 Workflow manager
 Work Flow monitor
 Workflow manager
 Repository manager
 Power center repository
 Administrative tool
 Repository services
 Integration services
 Power center domain
 Application services
 Concept of nodes and grid
 Service manager
 Power center administration console
 Repository Administration
 Creating Repository Users and Groups.
 Connecting to the Repository.
 Creating a Group
 Assigning Privileges to a Group.
 Creating a User
 Creating a Folder
 Folder Permissions


 Types of Transformations
 Connected and Unconnected Transformations
 Active and Passive Transformations
 Creating Source Tables
 Creating Target Definitions
 Creating Target Tables
 Creating source definitions
 Creating a Mapping
 Connecting Transformations
 Transformation Creation
 Importing sources and targets (database objects)
 Importing sources and targets (flat files and XML files)
 Using Transformations
 Aggregator Transformation
 Expression Transformation
 Lookup Transformation (Connected and Un Connected)
 Union Transformation
 Joiner Transformation
 Filter Transformation
 Sequence Generator Transformation
 Stored Procedure Transformation
 Source Qualifier Transformation
 Router Transformations
 Rank Transformations
 Update Strategy Transformation
 XML Transformation
 SQL Override in source qualifier Transformation and lookup Transformation
 Connecting the Target
 Connecting Transformations
 Creating a Mapping
 Completing the Mapping  Creating a Pass-Through Mapping
 Creating a Mapping with SCD Type 1 and SCD Type 2
 Creating a Mapping with Aggregate Values
 Target load order plan
 Mapping wizards
 Reusable Transformation
 Mapplet overview and usage


 Creating the Session
 Creating the Workflow
 Using the workflow manager
 Creating Sessions and Workflows
 Constraint base loading
 Configuring Database Connections in the Workflow Manager
 Creating a Reusable Session
 Creating a Workflow
 Running and Monitoring Workflows
 Opening the Workflow Monitor
 Workflow Tasks
 Session
 Assignment task
 Link task
 Event raise task
 Event wait task
 Timer task
 Post session and Pre-session commands
 Session recovery
 Commit points
 Creation of Parameter file
 Mapping and session parameter
 Performance tuning in ETL
 Various optimization techniques
 Pushdown optimization
 Incremental aggregation


 How to monitor loads
 Uses of Workflow monitor
 Monitoring the jobs
 How to get Session Logs and Workflow Logs

Real time Questions and Answers

Real time scenarios

Exercises for each Transformation

Datawarehosuing Concepts

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