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Angular 2 Training:-

Duration =36 hours

Objective: To get familiar with Angular 2 technology and learn how to make LOB applications using Angular 2 with TypeScript

Participants’ Entry Profile:-

Participants attending this workshop should have:

        • Visual Studio tool

        • Basic understanding of JavaScript and jQuery

        • Basic understanding of HTML 5 and web technology

Angular 2 Online Training Methodology:-

The workshop will be done using Concept Visualization (by putting the concepts on the whiteboard.

The workshop will be 100% Hands-On with each participant having access to system during the session

Hardware and Software Requirements:-

Participant’s as well as Trainer’s Machine are required to have :


  • Windows 8.1 64-bit (x64)or Windows 10 Pro edition or greater versions with Administrator Rights.
  • Visual Studio 2015 or Higher or Visual Studio Code as an Editor for Microsoft Developers with SQL Server Express Edition [SQL Server Express Edition is optional]
  •  Node JS
  • Internet Connection



  • Memory – 4 GB RAM [Minimum], 8 GB RAM [Recommended].
  • Processor - 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Virtualization Technology must be enabled
  • Virtual Machine would be provided by us containing all the softwares mentioned above.


Angular 2 Online Training Concepts:-

Type Script - Overview

  • Understand Typescript
  • Understand type system in TypeScript
  • Let vs var vs const
  • Interfaces
  • Classes
  • Module
  • properties
  • Functions
  • Optional and Default Parameters
  • Rest Parameters
  • Generics
  • Type inferenceFat Arrow functions
  • Template strings
  • Typescript shorthand (constructor(private x:int)
  • Understand Type definition files

Installation for angular 4application

  • Understand and install Node
  • Understand Package.json
  • Understand the GitHub angular 2 startup project
  • Understand Angular CLI
  • Setting up Visual studio for Angular 2 and Typescript
  • Setting up Typescript watcher

Angular4 Modules and Architecture of Angular App

  • Understand the Architecture of an Angular App
  • Angular Modules vs JavaScript Modules
  • Understand the fundamental thoughts behind
    • components
    • services
    • Pipes
    • MetaData Directives
    • Templates
  • Understand Angular 2 Modules and NgModule

Angular Components – Overview

  • Angular4 Setup – Configuration and Bootstrapping
  • What is Component?
  • Thought behind component.
  • Creating a very first component
  • Understand Component decorator
  • Setting component as a startup component
  • Component Life cycle hooks


  • Understand the fundamental behind templates
  • Separating template from ViewClass
  • Understand Interpolation
  • Understand the fundamental behind one way binding

Introduction to directives and working with Arrays

  • Understand the fundamental behind directives
  • Components vs Directives
  • Introduction to ngFor directive
  • Working with Arrays using ngFor and interpolation

Introduction to Services in Angular 4

  • Fundamental thought behind Angular 2 Services
  • Understand Dependency injection
  • Understand the fundamental of providers
  • Creating Custom Service
  • Using Service inside Component

Binding in Angular 4

  • Understand binding in Angular 2
  • Understand Property Binding
  • Property binding vs interpolation
  • Understand Two way binding
  • Understand Event binding

Exploring more directives

  • Understand ngIf
  • ngIf vs Angular 1 ngShow/ngHide
  • Understand ngSwitch
  • Understand css class binding
  • Understand ngClass
  • Compare css class binding vs ngClass
  • Understand style binding
  • Understand ngStyle
  • Compare style binding vs ngStyle
  • Working with styles in component using decorator options

Custom Directives

  • Understand Attribute Directives
  • Creating Custom directives
  • Interaction with Host
  • Directives Property binding
  • Building a custom structural directive
  • Registering and using directives with Components
  • Registering directives with Modules

Working with Pipes in Angular

  • Explore uppercase, lowercase, currency, date Pipe
  • Creating custom Pipe

Template Driven Forms in Angular 4

  • Understand different types of  Forms in Angular
  • Explore template driven forms in detail

Data Driven Forms in Angular4

  • Explore Data driven Forms in detail

Server Communication

  • Introduction to http service
  • Understand HTTP_PROVIDERS
  • Handling errors in Rest Call
  • Creating a wrapper service over http service
  • Implementing dependency injection

Angular2 Routing

  • Understand the fundamental thought behind SPA
  • Understand Routing
  • Understand Component based routing in Angular
  • Demonstration of routing in Angular 2

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